Benifit of Membership
Benifit of Membership

Member can regularly discuss clinical problem with the treatment team.

(2) Members will be updated about new research, all around the world of cerebral palsy.
(3) Members will be getting on up gradation in the webpage.
(4) Members will be given priority in appointments.
(5) Members will be given priority in research undertakings
(6) Periodically clinic will have international physician coming will have priority in those appointments.
(7) In all educational conferences and endeavors of the organization, member will have 10% discount in Registration Fees.
(8) Members will get the first opportunity to be treated by latest up gradation in technology in the field.

Regular updates on what is the current state of research in cerebral palsy and disabilities

(10) Regular updates on the upcoming conferences and meetings both nationally and internationally
(11) Regular web based educational programmes and access to educational videos
(12) Advantage of discussing difficult clinical problems
(13) Access to the viewpoint of internationally acclaimed physicians by means of use of our resources and our collaboration with them
(14) Priority in getting appointments
(15) Priority in conferences that are either being organized by the clinic or by sister concerns nationally and internationally
(16) For health professionals priority in educational fellowships which will be available
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International Organisation of Physical Therapists in Paediatrics
International Cerebral Palsy Society
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