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Disability treatment and management in this country and the world at large is a big challenge, for you as a parent it means getting up every morning and bracing yourself for the fight ahead which stretches throughout the day and shows no sense of abatement at the end of a day of hard work – it is a physical and emotional challenge 24hours,7 days a week and 365 days a year
For professionals it means daily meeting beautiful and charming children each with his/her own peculiar set of problems and not only trying to help them in the best way possible but also meeting and consoling the parents many of whom are young and are trying to come to terms with what has happened to their children , fighting with the guilt that they subconsciously harbor all along trying to get the best treatment for their child in the process going to multiple professionals addition there are a lot of parents who are older and have had multiple consultations with professionals and feel depressed and clueless
The professional also is expected to answer a barrage of questions and take a stance on the usefulness of a particular treatment modality even though he /she may have no training in the subject and also expected to keep in touch with the latest developments in the field, which truly is multi disciplinary, ever expanding and requires a lot of education which is not their in the curricula of undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught to professionals
In our experience while most parents are hurt by what has happened to them and their children, they are also depressed and confused not by the disease process itself instead they are confused by the contradictory information provided by health professionals
Knowledge of the best available and scientifically proven methods of treatment is the best option we have in addition to the constant research in the disease process, our experience has also shown that in the end perseverance on the part of parents and health professionals is the key difference in between parents who succeed in helping their children and those who could not
To parents and health professionals who together want to understand more about cerebral palsy I dedicate this site!
Dr Vipul Shah
Lucknow, INDIA
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